What we all have built at Brain Ablaze over the last few years is wonderful. The Epilepsy community has been so welcoming to our efforts to raise awareness for Epilepsy with our podcast, blog, support groups, stores, and social media outlets. I get asked all the time, “How can I help?” People realize that new contributions allow us to not only continue our existing services to the Epilepsy community but also allow us to build new bigger and better experiences to raise Epilepsy Awareness.

Ways to Contribute

Cold Hard Cash
Support Groups
Social Media

Contributing Cold Hard Cash

Unfortunately, our costs have increased each year since our founding. Individual contributions allow for our content to be served ad-free. The easiest way to contribute to what we are building here at Brain Ablaze is just plain old boring cash through our PayPal, Cash App, or our Twitter tip-jar.

Contributing to the Podcast

With over fifty episodes and more than eight hours of content, our podcast breaks down complicated concepts about neuroscience and Epilepsy into manageable chunks in an easy-to-understand, entertaining way. To contribute to our podcast is as simple as rating it on every possible platform. Rating episodes and/or commenting on episodes always helps with the algorithms delivering our content. Our YouTube channel always needs more subscribers. If you have a great idea for a topic of interest that we haven’t already covered, we would love to hear about it. You can always contact us through email at social@brainablaze.com 

Contributing to Our Blog

We have over twenty entries to our blog coming from several different sources. If you are willing to share your Epilepsy story, we would love to hear from you. One doesn’t have to be a professional writer just someone passionate about telling their story. The easiest way to get things started is by mailing a writing sample directly via social@brainablaze.com Each individual contributor maintains the copyright to the content they submit. It’s a great place to start if they would like to write a book one day.

Contributing to Our Support Groups

We have two support group meetings each month. Even if you don’t need support you can always be there for someone who does. We talk and answer questions about every aspect of living with Epilepsy. Both caregivers and people with Epilepsy attend. By getting together people realize that we are not alone.

Contributing on Social Media

We’re interested in raising Epilepsy awareness through intelligent conversation in our Twitter community. While our podcast covers topics about Epilepsy in great detail, our tweets break these topics into bite-sized chunks that can be consumed and replied to within the time it takes to drink a coffee or tea. In addition to liking, responding, and retweeting content, our tip jar is available to all. We are always up for suggestions as to what you would like to see more (or less) of on our feeds. Just mention us on Twitter and we will get back to you. 

Contributing to Our Store

Even though a whopping 40% of any profits made from the sales of our products through our store is donated directly to Epilepsy research, we still get a lot of people asking, “Why should I buy your Epilepsy awareness products, when I can donate directly to research?”

One of the best ways you can raise awareness for Epilepsy in the real world is to publicly wear clothing, read books, and use Epilepsy-related products. For a cost of a t-shirt, you can help raise awareness for SUDEP, Status Epilepticus, or Seizure First Aid to everyone in that train car on the ride home by doing nothing more than wearing the right t-shirt. Using epilepsy advocacy products notify people who have no other interaction with the Epilepsy community that our extremely common condition actually exists. It entices them to learn more about how they can support our community. 

In addition to contributing by buying our Epilepsy awareness products, We are always looking for great ideas for additional products that raise awareness that could be sold through our store. If you’re a talented artist looking to contribute a design, we will mention you in any advertising material we provide. Any queries can be sent directly to social@brainablaze.com.

We Need Your Help!

No matter what type of contribution you make, we seriously want to thank you in advance. We feel that the work we do here at Brain Ablaze makes a difference. For you to acknowledge that really means a lot to us.