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Provide Advocacy for Epilepsy through educated discussion and tools that normally can't be found through other existing support structures.

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We are people with Epilepsy. We know what you are going through.


We distill what we've learned into layman's terms.

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David Clifford

Founder, Host of The Brain Ablaze Epilepsy Podcast

I'm a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. Though retired now, I spent twenty years working in Silicon Valley tech for companies like Apple, Twitter, eBay, PayPal, Microsoft, and a series of small startups.

I'm not a medical professional, but just someone who has dealt with the ins and outs of Epilepsy through more than a quarter of a century of uncontrolled seizures.

Jo Mackenzie


I’m not medically qualified in any way but I have been dealing with the not-so-niceties of epilepsy with uncontrolled seizures for 30 years.
I write the Goldilocks Complex blog and am studying a BA (Hons) Arts and Humanities specialising in English Language. I’m based in the UK, living life with epilepsy and a sense of humour.

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